To be a true badass at your job it’s important to bring new and relevant expertise to the table everyday. This not only secures your job but also increases your worth your employer.

But how do you do that?

You can always read blogs, listen to podcasts or download white-papers, but there is an another way…a better way…  

When was the last time your boss paid for you to attend a strategic branding workshop? In fact, when was the last time you paid to attend any sort of continual education workshop or conference?

In this article I’m going to give you the info AND the confidence to tell your boss why they should swipe their credit card and invest in your continual education.

As social media managers and content creators we all know that consumer behavior is constantly changing. The things that worked last year aren’t working right now.  To really provide results and make yourself invaluable you have to on the bleeding edge of strategy.  Strategy is the one of the many things people don’t learn in school, and that’s precisely what our workshop has to offer.

A good strategy is simply a framework. It should be modular so that it can be switched up in an infinite amount of ways, ultimately organizing ideas and information into meaningful content that connects the brand to the end customer.  And if you work in and on social media you know that’s always the number one focus.

The Vitals Workshops bridge the gap between the brand and the customer by sharing frameworks and strategies that are effective right now. These same strategies have increased our clients’ conversion rates as high as 19.5%.  What we teach is a scientific process that can be replicated over and over as consumer behavior changes.

Hopefully now you’re stoked about our strategic workshops. Now let’s talk about how we can help you attend one.

Before you approach your boss you have to be prepared with a strong argument. First you have to explain to your boss what makes this workshop so unique and worthy of investment. Here are the top three reasons:

You’ll learn today’s most relevant and innovative marketing strategies.

When you attend a workshop you’ll be learning from industry professionals, people who have tons of experience and produce real results. Let your boss know that you’ll be learning from the best!

You’ll come back with a clear roadmap and list of priorities to help further grow the company.

So many companies waste time, money and energy experimenting and running tests, and many times those experiments cost the company a lot more than your workshop ticket. A workshop can help your company avoid the experiments that others have already shown are ineffective, and focus on proven methods.

A branding workshop is networking at its finest.

You never know who you’ll meet at a workshop, but typically people who invest in furthering their education are people you seriously want to align yourself with. Who knows, maybe you’ll create a few strategic partnerships while you’re at it.

Every boss is different, but here are a few other things to keep in mind when bringing up the subject:

Don’t force having the conversation at the wrong time. 

Bosses are usually busy with meetings and “TPS reports” so you don’t want to bring up this awesome idea when they’re buried in paperwork or meetings and have a limited time to hear you out. Pinpoint a time and day when your boss is most receptive and available and make your approach then.

Come prepared and “lawyer up”. 

Be prepared to present your reasoning. Practice what you’re going to say to them before you have the conversation. Kind of joking on the lawyer thing, but it sure helps if you have some sort of advocate in your corner saying “this is exactly what we need!”

Make them believe it’s THEIR idea.

Repeat after me and fill in the blank. “Hey boss, remember that time you were asking me about ______? Well, there’s this awesome workshop where they are going to be teaching us about exactly that and other best strategies. Should I get you some more information on the workshop?” Get’s ’em every time 😉

Be Excited and Enthusiastic.

Bosses love to see their team excited about work. Excitement and enthusiasm spreads like wildfire in an office, and a good boss knows that inspiring their people is crucial. Be excited about the potential opportunity and the value you can bring back to your boss after the workshop.

Now that you’re armed with all this great info (and hopefully a new sense of confidence) you need to tell your boss about our Content Strategy Workshop coming up very soon!

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