Companies that want to survive over the long haul need to be driving transformation and innovation. Yes, the majority of this should regularly come from within the organization. However, sometimes leadership and employees alike are simply “too close to the mustard to see the yellow”. This is when you need a branding workshop.

As a business owner, you’ve got to be looking for ways to innovate your industry. If you’re not, someone else will do it and put you out of business.

You may argue “Our company is growing. We must be doing something right!” I’m sure that is correct. But you can’t stop there. You must keep asking what else you can do to really ruffle the industry feathers.

Growth isn’t as important as innovation.

“Geniuses are always marginalized to one degree or another. Someone wholly invested in the status quo is unlikely to disrupt it.”

Eric Weiner

We often see people within the organization that are just too close to the company (mustard). They can’t see it with  fresh eyes. The hard to ask questions go unasked. They don’t know how to get from point A to point B, because they never bothered to ask if there was a point B in the first place.

Branding workshops dig deep into a company to align every action with the shared goal of the organization–whether that be growth, innovation, sales, user experience, more opportunities, etc..

A byproduct of this process is the organic surfacing of some mistakes or shortcomings. But identifying those is just as important as getting clear on the future.

This process fills in a framework that clearly defines (or redefines) the “why” of a company. Steps can then be taken to ensure every other aspect is in alignment with that goal. Because of this simple yet incredibly thorough execution, everyone is on board after a branding workshop.

Clarity is a huge aspect of what we at VITALS call the “brand discovery process.”

Often through the discovery process, a company will realize they’ve been pouring massive effort and dollars into an area that is simply not converting. Worse yet, they discover an area that is being neglected completely. Either way, enlightenment ensues.

The discovery process of a brand is as unique as the brand itself. There is nothing general about these workshops beyond the intention of consistency across the board.

It is a massive brain dump, brainstorm, and creative process. It lights the fire within the company and gives it the tools to stoke and keep that fire burning bright.

The X factor, the competitive edge, the almighty driving force–constantly and consistently evaluate these in order to effect real and lasting change in any industry.

So why not give it a shot? At the very least you’ll have a thorough peripheral view of your company. At the best, you’ll have a clear and decisive action plan to align absolutely every aspect with your goal.

Get in touch to talk with us about scheduling a branding workshop! This is a great exercise to do before the next quarter or fiscal year so you can effect lasting change!