1. Brand Audit


Our process begins with a brand health diagnosis. We scrutinize current branding and ascertain what’s been working and simply what hasn’t. We’re candid, direct, and care more about a business than it’s feelings. We end this step of our treatment delivering a full knowledge of brand gaps, an awareness of previously unseen obstacles, and an understanding of why these overlooked items matter to a business’ continued growth.

2. Brand Discovery


Once we’ve put our finger on some of the weaker items in a brand’s inventory, we get surgical. We perform ideal client profiling, brand attribute compiling and refocusing, and a three-category goals and prioritization. This step is engineered to illuminate precise differentiation and growth strategies for a brand. We wrap up leaving a focused and prioritized list of potential executables.

3. Creative Execution


No project is too big or too small. Any and all executable items from the prior phase will be directed into production in this step, either through creative oversight of a client’s in-house division, or through our own media producers. Strategic systems implementation support and education is provided for a clean roll out, and strategic consulting is present from start to finish.

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