DIY Website Design Audit Workbook


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What is a Website Design Audit?

A website design audit covers much more than just the design of your website. The functionality of your website, the content, and creating a smooth and intuitive user experience are just as important as the visual design aspects. Don’t just make a “pretty site”, make a site that catches the eye and helps someone go from prospect to customer.

This is also a great opportunity to review your branding, make sure everything is on message, and reevaluate who your customer is. Knowing who you’re talking to and how to talk to them is key, and your website is your voice. Focus and consistency across all pages and channels is key.

Why does doing a website design audit matter?

It’s actually a good thing when an audit is called for, because then you know everything is going to be on the table and only what’s great and necessary and working will stay. This also probably means that the company is growing and expanding, and the website needs to evolve alongside that growth. Growing pains are to be expected, and are easy hurdles to jump when the goal is clear: a better website = a better business

Grab our DIY Website Design Audit Worksheet. Snug up your website and your business as a whole!


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