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Early Detection Saves Lives

You monitor your physical health and wellness by eating veggies, exercising, and getting a regular check-up. Your organization and its teams need the same attention in order to thrive. A diseased team culture has the same effect on a project as cancer has on the body.

When left untreated, the sickness will fester and completely dismantle and dissolve a previously well-oiled machine.

Don’t jump out of the window, or quit your job yet. There is hope.

Early detection saves lives and a “Health Monitor” is a wonderful detector.

What is a Health Monitor Framework

A Health Monitor Framework is a process of voting on the health of different aspects of the project. This is done with as many members of your team as possible. They are designed to help you clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses IN your team, AS a team.

You’ll then be able to effectively and efficiently change course. You’ll get everyone on the same page and get to the finish line without anyone frisbee-ing laptops into walls.


Why Buy?

Regular Monitors = Preventative Care

Health Monitors work best when done on a regular schedule. Clients change and projects change and remaining perpetually “emotionally nimble” as a group is essential. Some teams even schedule Health Monitors on a monthly basis. If your team has a lot of red areas, perhaps consider a weekly or bi-weekly cadence until you’re feeling a bit stronger.

When you complete a project, taking some time to do a post-mortem will take your team culture into that elite effectiveness zone. This will further reinforce the ritual of awareness check; first during the monitoring stage (more of a birds eye or organization-wide view) and then during the post-project stage (a precise task/project oriented perspective).

This incredible Health Monitor system has taken countless teams from “oh sh*t” to “we get sh*t done!” and tends to continue doing so for as long as it’s implemented. Working this process together from start to finish is an incredibly rewarding process that bonds a team. It’s like surviving a shipwreck. You will be practically bonded for life.

Make the decision to end your frustration now, step away from the HR office, and take matters into your own hands with a Health Monitor.

The Super-Skills You’re Left With:

  1. Understand your strengths/weaknesses as a team
  2. Diagnose the root cause of your culture-cancer
  3. Identify steps your team should take (and why)
  4. Take your team from SICK to SUPERCHARGED.

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