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Choosing a managed web hosting provider is no easy task. It is even more complicated due to the amount of multiple hosting platforms available and the multitude of services they all offer.

Choosing one can get very overwhelming for the layman. If you ask web professionals, we all have different opinions on the matter. We have tried it all from the do-it-yourself options (not recommended at all), super cheap shared hosting, VPS to managed web hosting. All of these services have ranged in price from “FREE”, $3.99 per month up to $150 per month. They have also come with different degrees of disappointment and success.

Our pain going through this process compelled us to create a resource that would make sense out of all this and make it easy for YOU to choose the best service.

Get a Web Hosting Strategy!

A web hosting strategy focuses primarily on choosing the right combination of resources and services that your site needs to run at its best. For instance, if you needed to make frequent content updates on your website, You would want to make sure your site was built using a content management system like WordPress. This way, you could quickly make updates without the need to hire a web developer. You also would not need to know HTML, Javascript or CSS. This would be a key component of your web hosting strategy, and this guide teaches you exactly how to set it up.

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