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Planting the seeds of a successful website includes having a launch strategy. So it follows that a good launch strategy ought to include a pre-launch strategy!

The purpose of this product is to help define the goals of your website, help you see the bigger picture of your business to comprehend the impact your website can have, and most importantly to make sure it’s launch goes perfectly!

Your website is intrinsically connected to the growth and goals of your company. If it steps onto the world stage with a flacid whimper, you’ve squandered your launch…and everything that follows will suffer.

This checklist prevents all that.

Why Buy?

For all businesses, a website launch sets the tone for years of growth. This checklist ensures that the tone is thoughtful, on-brand, strong, and strategic. Proper use of this product means that you will launch your website (or many websites) without forgetting ultra-important things!

If you are a freelancer or web development service provide of any sort, incorporating this process means enhanced results for your clients. And we all know, happy clients pay better. Serve your people with a sharper…spatula?

Seriously though, this checklist prevents soo much pain it’s silly. We’re not talking about super mysterious or revolutionary concepts here; just a lean, practical, checklist for making sure the foundation is immaculately integral.

No cracks means you can build a big-ass business on top. For yourself and your clients both.

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The Super-Skills You’re Left With:

  1. Clarity on what a DONE website looks like.
  2. Sturdy foundation for business website growth.
  3. A process that can increase the rates you charge.
  4. An external pre-launch “rememberer”.
  5. A preemptive website launch pain remover.
  6. Confidence to level up your service game.
  7. Mind space to focus on creativity, knowing the nuance has been accounted for.

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